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Making real estate a BRES for North Carolina’s future and current licensees. 


            The Commission and NC has approved Emergency Law with changes for our real estate courses.  The classroom will be your home!              KBRES plans through ZOOM.   Rule changed noted below including extensions, short Zoom video, etc.  

                              All you need is a computer with a camera, the Zoom app loaded (super easy) and four hours to set aside & participate in class!!     The class will be live and interactive.  Email a [email protected] for questions.

Be sure to include your email address you want the “meeting” invite to be emailed when you sign up for any class below. If you do not provide a preferred email, all correspondence will be emailed to the email associated with your paypal or venmo account.

     We have completed several ZOOM classes now with GREAT agent feedback! Fun, informative, interactive, convenient and EASY!!         KBRES will continue to teach the Zoom format Post and CE classes through June 30th.

Upcoming CE and Post-Licensing Courses WILL BE HELD “ONLIVE” interactive through ZOOM.us

 All you need is a electronic device with camera and microphone capabilities. I will send you an invite to join the ZOOM meeting within 45 minutes before the class begins. You click on the link. Run the program and you and voice capabilities will pop up on screen! I will be sending you emails days before your individual class start date.*

Click here for How to Join Zoom Video 

NEW: We are now also offering ONLINE electives at your own pace!  Click here to see our scheduled Zoom format.

 KBRES IS NOW also OFFERING ONLINE Electives as well.

                      CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT! This is NOT the LIVE ZOOM classes, but video                                    or text lesson you may sign up for and take at your own pace over time.

                       In addition to the Emergency Rule,  beginning of July The Commission and NC has approved online post  & pre-licensing                    real estate courses.  This will not be the ZOOM format nor has any initiation due to the virus. More details to follow!!

Exam Prep Classes and Tutoring Available through ZOOM while to PREPARE you for NC EXAMS. PSI test centers are open.

Christie Berry overs Exam prep courses as well as Tutoring one-on-one or in groups. Call for available time slots as well as rates. The Test Centers are closed and it may be hard to retain that test materials.  Not only do we offer the tutoring and review, but here is a Test Bank of Questions.

Click here for the TEST BANK and Quiz Drill 

 Wednesday Nights Bible Study Next.. Beth Moore Children of the Day. Starting June 3rd will be MEETING THROUGH ZOOM Possibly in person at the school.

STARTING June 3rd 6:15 pm for 9 weeks. FEEL free to join in on any night. 

Books will be $20 You will be able to pick them up at the school. Lifeway has an electronic version if you prefer.

 Call/Text 910-232-4844  or email if you are interested.  Click here for the introduction video.


 Emergency Rules

FOR Continuing Education Info:

Currently, one may file for an extension of CE or classes for 3 months until September 10. The link can be found on the NCREC.com website. Any extension, however, means you will need to still take the 8 hours of CE from the 2019-2020, as well as, the 8 hours from 2020-2021. **IF there is anyone who has not taking CE by June 10th, You will AUTOMATICALLY be extended. No request is needed. However, It is NOT an exemption.

The June 10th deadline is still in effect; however, the allowable to time to take CE has been extended. 

During the Emergency Rule til June 30th, There will no end of the course exams for the synchronized on-live courses for pre or post licensing classes. 
Currently, If you could not finish a class you would need to start completely over from the beginning.  Emergency rule will allow you to pick up where you left off in the non-completed course
For testing on the Pre State exam with PSI, The 180 days will be extended 90 days.

Emergency  Rules in GENERAL: 

**Still you MUST renew (pay your money) by June 30th. Don’t forget!**

                              We may be able to have our traditional in person classes before June 10th after April 30th, but who knows with the virus.            Sign into your ZOOM classes 30 minutes early if you are not familiar with the format. 
NO traditional in person class can meet currently until April 30th (if then).
We can do classes through synchronized learning such as Zoom, etc.

Forgive me if I change the info again, but I am trying to get you the latest.   

Click HERE to see a video on how to join a ZOOM meeting.  

Upcoming Courses


The Broker Prelicensing class is designed to prepare you for a successful career in real estate. The completion of the 75 hour course and passing of the final exam is a requirement for most people to be eligible to take the NC real estate licensing exam. The Broker Prelicensing Course covers basic real estate principles and practices. The course will cover brokerage law, property tax, real estate financing, closings, brokerage relationships and practice, contracts and other topics.


Real estate licensees are required to complete the three Broker Postlicensing Courses within three years after receiving their original Broker License to remove the “provisional status”. One 30 hour Broker Postlicensing Course needs to be completed by your one year anniversary of your licensure date.

Continuing Ed

The North Carolina Real Estate Commission requires that all licensees complete a minimum of eight hours of Continuing Education (including an update and an elective course) by June 10 of each year in order to renew a license.

Next Day

July 6th


Next Night Class




STEP 1 to getting NC Real Estate License: Required 75 Hour Course

For more info and additional classes scheduled, go to Prelicense tab above.

Event Info & Sign up here

 712 Village Rd Shallotte, NC 28470

AND Wilmington, 28412 Locations


Payment Type
Day or Night and Date

Payment Also available by VENMO

WEEKEND, NIGHT, T/TH and MWF classes offered

See Post tab above for specific date/registration


STEP 2: Three – 30 hour Courses to keep your NEW NC license active

Event Info & Sign up here


Payment Type
Day or Night and Start Date

Payment Also available by VENMO

Classes Posted through June Go to Continuing Ed tab above for the dates.

All Day, 1 per day & Weekend Options. Lunch included

Continuing Education

Be sure to complete BEFORE June 10, 2020 Deadline!!!   Check out the Continuing Ed tab above for currently scheduled courses. ETHICS DEADLINE IS NOW DEC 31st 2021!

Event Info

To learn more about upcoming CE courses click here >>

or GO TO CE PAGE for details

Wilmington 28412 Location

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Payment Also available by VENMO


Teaching For Over 20 Years

My real estate career began in 1995 while spending the summer in Nags Head, NC. I graduated from Peace College with an AA in Accounting and NCSU with an BS in Education. Immediately upon eligibility in 1997, I applied and received my NCREC approval to teach Real Estate Classes. In addition to teaching, real estate brokerage is a large aspect of my real estate career. I enjoy not only representing my clients and working transactions with area agents, but also being with them in the classroom. My personal life consists of two children (one a senior in high school and one in middle school), husband, Shane (20+ years). We can be found outside of work either on a ballfield, basketball court or near the water. I am a member of Myrtle Grove Baptist Church and supporter of local Fellowship of Christian Athletes FCA.


Teaching For Over 12 Years

Christie Berry began her real estate career in 2003. And, yep, she is my sister-in-law.  She graduated with a BA in Communication from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.  She has been productive in sales and property management as well as earned her GRI degree. It was in 2006 when she realized  real estate education was her passion.  She loves teaching and has many years of classroom and personal experiences to help her students’ comprehension and even test anxiety.  Look for Christie’s classes.  Help me welcome her!!



Stay Informed



 To learn more about upcoming CE courses click here >>


What Students Have to Say

"The NC pre-licensing course is both demanding and challenging, but Karen made the class as enjoyable as possible. She goes above and beyond for her students while preparing them for success. Anyone looking to begin a career in real estate should definitely look into taking classes with Karen – she’s a fantastic instructor and person!"


Vanessa L.

Wilmington, NC

"Karen Berry is an awesome Teacher! Very professional, knowledgeable and cordial."


Red R.

Wilmington, NC

"Karen Berry was terrific. My husband, Jeff Terry, has spoken very highly of her, and I now share his opinion. Thank you!"


Karen D.

Wilmington, NC

"Karen took time to let us ask questions and give our opinions while staying on subject and being effective on time."


Kelly M.

Wilmington, NC

"Karen has a great and bubbly personality that made this course even better."


Danica W.

Wilmington, NC

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