“I would like to get my North Carolina Real Estate License…”

Day class scheduled for our NEW Wilmington Location July 6th!!

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The Commission and NC has approved Emergency Law with changes for our real estate courses.  The classroom will be your home!  KBRES plans to use the ZOOM program to offer such classes.   Rule changed noted below including extensions, short Zoom video, etc.  

                              All you need is a computer with a camera, the Zoom app loaded (super easy) and four hours to set aside & participate in class!!     The class will be live and interactive.  Email a [email protected] for questions.

Be sure to include your email address you want the “meeting” invite to be emailed when you sign up for any class below. If you do not provide a preferred email, all correspondence will be emailed to the email associated with your paypal or venmo account.

  This will be a process, thank you for your patience!

Here is a brief overview… 

During the Emergency Rule til June 30th, There will no end of the course exams for the synchronized on-live courses for pre or post licensing classes. 
Currently, If you could not finish a class you would need to start completely over from the beginning.  Emergency rule will allow you to pick up where you left off in the non-completed course
For testing on the Pre State exam with PSI, The 180 days will be extended 90 days.

For CE info details please see the Main KBRES tab or CE tab 

Rules in GENERAL: 

**Still you MUST renew (pay your money) by June 30th. Don’t forget!**

                           We may be able to have our traditional in person classes before June 10th after April 30th, but who knows with the virus.              Sign into your ZOOM classes 30 minutes early if you are not familiar with the format. 
NO traditional in person class can meet currently until April 30th (if then).
We can do classes through synchronized learning such as Zoom, etc.

Forgive me if I change the info again, but I am trying to get you the latest.   

Click HERE to see a video on how to join a ZOOM meeting.  

The Broker Pre-Licensing Course is your first step to a new career in real estate! It includes 75 hours of instruction in basic real estate principles and practices. Students will learn about property ownership, real estate law, transfer of title, title insurance, financing, brokerage relationships, closings, valuation, property management, taxation, fair housing, mathematics, and sales contracts and practices. A required in-class test follows completion of the course. You must pass this test with a minimum grade in order to qualify to take the real estate license examination.

Upcoming Pre-Licensing Courses

Upcoming Schedule

More Info
This is a demanding course. You will need to study. We do provide additional study materials, study guides, pre-testing in the form of quizes and info to other sites.
 Students must be 18 to enroll.  Must make a 80% on the final exam to pass the course.  Possibility of a retake with a score of 75 or higher.  Students may not miss more than 20% of classroom time. Course cost is $395.    

 Day Class   July 6th   –  Aug 19th

9:00-2:00 pm M W F 

 Wilmington, NC

3610 S College Rd 28412    $395


17 classes Test given on last class
M W and Friday classes 

Must Review Provided Bulletin for Requirements

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Payment Type

July 6th Day

July 6th 9-2

Payment Also available by VENMO

 NIGHT Class

Coming Soon

5:45-9:45 pm            M T TH          

 Wilmington, NC

3610 S College Rd 28412    $395


21 classes. Test given on last class 
M T and Th classes 

Must Review Provided Bulletin for Requirements

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Payment Type

Feb 10th Night

Feb 10th Night

Payment Also available by VENMO

“Love Karen – great personality, great information, great instructor!”

Lisa B.

“The NC pre-licensing course is both demanding and challenging, but Karen made the class as enjoyable as possible. She goes above and beyond for her students while preparing them for success. Anyone looking to begin a career in real estate should definitely look into taking classes with Karen – she’s a fantastic instructor and person!”

Vanessa L.

“When possible I try to take classes taught by Karen. She is informative and keeps my attention. Great job!”

Rocco V.


1234 Main Street
Wilmington, NC 28405